The international food market strong and is unceasing in the evolution, by my company standpoint, our research team has the nearly 20 years research and evelopment to experience and to discuss the international food market tendency, for example Japan, USA, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore and other areas, always are not interrupted. For example near future in food market security concept with does not have the allergic original food and the so-called non- gene transformation food market and has developed many year organic foods market, with present keeping in good health food market, for example does not adds the antiseptic, the artificial blends flavors and other chemistry supplements to check for the consumer, these information we all do not stop do the research and the discussion. As well as last year Japan market fruits and vegetables juice food market prospect favored, Taiwan and South Korea also followed the same step, caused the fruits and vegetables juice product diversifications, like the yoghurt with fruits and vegetables juice, the tea added the fruit juice, the vinegar adds the fruit juice, the milk and soybean milk adds fruit juice and so on, ever changing.